Japanese Tableware

Japanese Ceramics from Cerani Studio in London, UK. Handcrafted crockery & cutlery, tableware inspired by Japanese culture & history.
Behind every piece of handmade Japanese crockery and cutlery lies a story. Our ceramics capture the essence of Japan through traditional techniques passed down through generations. We’re inspired to keep this art form alive and thriving, supporting independent Japanese potters, such as Yoshida, Kasumi Fujimura, Kaneko Kohyo & Shush Grace, Hanaemi, Shigaraki, & Konare, sharing their art with the world.


Featuring an orchid flower shape with a rustic & warm touch, we offer a full range of vintage style Japanese tableware from plates, bowls to cups.
YOSHIDA collection
‘The nature dining table with blessings’ – Our Japanese crockery offers simple designs & neutral tones ideal for a minimalist home, creating a unique dining table.
Combining both Japanese and western characteristics to the tableware, a Matt White glaze matches with any plates, bowls and cups on your table.

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